Dakar Series - Central European Rally

Pictured: BJ and Kevin on the test track

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Dakar Series - Central European Rally

Words from Kevin (April 18, 2008):

For those that follow my site. I will be competing in the Dakar Series Central European Rally in Hungary and Romania starting this Sunday and lasting 7 days. This race is being put on to give the competitors that did not compete in The Dakar Rally in Lisbon this year a chance to fight it out. I will be with Team Gordon again in the second Hummer. Robby Gordon and Andy Grider will be in the Monster Energy Hummer, with BJ Balwin and myself in the Vanguard Hummer. After testing this week and seeing what the terrain will be like, we feel confident for a good result. Unfortunately the only TV coverage in the USA will be on satelite channel 101. All the times for this are on the Toyo website. Below are the websites that will have the most information. This will be the first running of this rally so it will be interesting to say the least.



http://www.robbysuprising.com/ (Linked to RGM and TDUSA Site as well)

Robby Gordon Motorsports Website




http://www.toyo.com/centraleuroperally/ (More of a TDUSA Update blog)



Words from Kevin (Dec 2007):

For those that know me, you know my passion is Racing and I live for the Dakar Rally. I have been so fortunate to compete twice on a motorcycle, 2005 and 2006. Since my crash in 2006 put a stop on my biking for awhile, I was lucky to be asked to co-drive with Ronn Bailey in a car last year. Our race was troubled by constant car problems and finally ended when we lost the transmission on Day 8 and were unable to continue.

This year Ronn has teamed up with Robby Gordon's Team. There will be two identical Hummers entered. We will share the support of Robby's very experienced team. I am fortunate enough to be Ronn's co-driver again with Robby and Andy Grider back together after a great finish last year.

Those who have followed the race on this site will know my Web Mistress Rachel who is also my business partner. Rachel and Donny recently gave birth to a lovely baby girl, Karlee. Being the kind guy I am she will get a few days off and this happens to fall on the time I go to Dakar . Since she will not be updating my site those that want to follow the race and our progress, please visit the links above. We promise some good pics and a story after this one.


What happened at Dakar 2007?

Click here to read about Kevin's 2007 experience

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What happened at Dakar 2006?

Here you will find the daily updates on Kevin's progress and standings as I heard from him during his 2006 journey.

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What happened at Dakar 2005?

This is the page to visit to read the story of Kevin's first trip to Dakar in 2005. Kevin had a mechanical problem and withdrew from the race on day 6. I have posted pictures, so check them out!

Read about Kevin's 2005 Rally --->


The Web Mistress

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Rachel and I have the misfortune of spending everyday with Kevin in an office. Since he is completely useless, I have graciously taken over the task of managing his website. I will be posting reports and information on his race.


Riders and Support

Kevin is very fortunate to have a number of good friends that have helped him with his training, bike preparation, and general support.

Meet the boys --->


The 2005-2006 Dakar Bike

After searching all over the world, Kevin found what he was looking for in Los Angeles. He bought a 2001 KTM 660 factory replica from Greg Lund. The bike was in excellent condition, but the decision was made to do a ground-up rebuild in preparation for the 2005 Dakar rally.
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Who is Buzz Lightyear?

For those of you that haven't heard, Kevin has been nicknamed Buzz Lightyear by his fellow motorbike riders. At first thought you might not see the connection - But LOOK.... he DOES look like him!! So for a great laugh - think of Buzz Lightyear rolling through the desert sands at Dakar.


Baja 500 - June 5, 2004

In preparation for the 2005 Dakar, Kevin participated in the Baja 500 race in Ensenada June 5, 2004. He rode the race solo and was the only iron man to finish. He finished in 12 hours. This was great training for him to prepare for the Dakar! Way to go Kevin!
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Dumont Dunes Team Ride

Team USA Dakar Adventure riders and support crew spent the weekend at Dumont Dunes practicing navigation and getting the feel for the heavy Dakar bikes in the dunes.
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Scott Harden Rally School 2004

Kevin spent two days with Scott Harden (Dakar veteran) learning navigation and riding technique to help him on the 2005 Dakar rally.
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The Nevada Rally Experience 2004

Kevin participated in the Nevada Rally Experience to get an understanding on navigation and road book technique.
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