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Jan 25, 2007

I apologize for not updating the site in a few days. After their withdrawal in stage 8, they drove to Dakar so that they could make their travel arrangements. Kevin caught a plane from Dakar to South Africa. He is spending a few days with his family and then plans to return home. I expect him back in the office some time next week. Not sure on the exact day yet. He emailed me a few pictures from their crash. It's unbelievable that they were able to get this car going again....


Jan 17, 2007

4:30 pm: I received an email from Kevin. This is what he said:
"Hi Rachel, We finally got out of the desert and arrived in Dakar a few minutes ago. I have no way to phone you...." KBH

He gave me his phone number in Senegal. I tried to call him, but he wasn't answering in his hotel room. I will try to call him again tomorrow and will update with any more info I get from him. At least we can all sleep now, knowing that he is okay.

11:50 am: I just talked to Barbara at Ronn's office in Las Vegas. She says that according to the team manager, Ronn and Kevin are expected into Dakar within the hour. She wasn't sure if they would be staying in Dakar to see the finish of the race or not. I'm sure Kevin will be calling me once he arrives there and settles in. I will update later.

9:00 am: I still have not heard from Kevin. I know many of you are anxious to know what is going on, I am too! I promise to update as soon as I hear from him. Here is a picture of the car off Ronn's site... I think a picture speaks a 1,000 words.

Jan 16, 2007 I still have not talked to Kevin since Sat. I've heard that their withdrawal was caused by a transmission problem early in stage 8. I will definitely update again when I talk to him.
Jan 15, 2007 According to the Dakar website, Ronn and Kevin are listed on the withdrawal list. I haven't talked to Kevin since Sat. I do not know their status at the moment. I hope to hear from him very soon and will update you all.
Jan 13, 2007 Kevin called me today (Sat) with the great news that they had made it to the rest day. They had just finished about 20 hours of straight driving. They were able to make it through stage 6 with 20 minutes to spare before stage 7 began. He says the crew will be completely rebuilding the car today. He sounded up beat but said that this has been the hardest Dakar yet for him.
Jan 12, 2007 Looks like the support team of Ronn and Kevin managed to get the car put together enough to finish yesterday's stage. That's great news! According to the website they are making good progress on Stage 7. I'm sure they are really looking forward to a nice rest day tomorrow. I'll keep you updated.
Jan 11, 2007

Breaking news on Dakar website:

15:27 - auto

Bailey gets a fright Part II

Having already rolled the buggy on the motorway during the connection section of the 2nd stage, Americans Ronn Bailey and co-pilot Kevin Heath have done it again today after 25 km of the day's special section. Fortunately, once again this mishap was not serious, and the crew is now awaiting assistance.

Update: I finally talked to Kevin. He said that they just had a really bad crash (as we all just read on the website), almost totalled the car but they think they will be able to repair it enough to finish the race. He had a real positive attitude and was very determined to finish the race. He said they cart-wheeled several times. They were waiting for their assistance vehicles when he called. They just hope to be able to get it going again so they can finish today's stage and make it in time for their start tomorrow. He says they are going to have a really long night. But they are determined! Let's all keep our fingers crossed! He said he would try to call again on the rest day.

Jan 10, 2007

Still no word from Kevin, but I continue to watch his progress on the Dakar website (as I'm sure many of you do also). According to Ronn's website, they have definitely had their fair share of problems with the car. Yesterday their fan relay was melting and causing smoke out of the dash. They had to disconnect their fan which meant that the car would overheat fairly quickly. They had to stop several times to let the car cool. They also had a problem with the accelerator sticking open. They finally found that a stone was stuck in one of the throttle bodies but were able to dig it out with a pen.

I really hope to hear from him soon. I will definitely post again if I do.

Jan 9, 2007

It's with great sadness to read on the Dakar website of the death of Elmer Symons. He was a friend of Kevin's and was competing in the rally for the first time on a bike. My thoughts and prayers go out to all his friends and family.

No word from Kevin yet. According to the dakar website, they have finished the stage. I will post more if I hear from him.

Jan 8, 2007 According to the Dakar website, Ronn and Kevin have finished the days stage. Seems like it was a challenging day for them. I haven't talked to Kevin since the rally began. I hope to hear from him soon.
Jan 7, 2007

Breaking news on Dakar website:

19:59 - auto

Bailey gets a fright...

Victims of an accident on the motorway this afternoon in which their buggy rolled several times, but fortunately without serious consequences, the Americans Ronn Bailey and co-pilot Kevin Heath were able to set off again for Malaga, the finishing point of this stage, after two hours of repairs.

Update: Ronn and Kevin are both okay. Miraculously they walked away with just cuts and bruises. The accident happened on the freeway. They were driving behind their assistance vehicle (and careful not to be speeding) when they were forced to swerve to avoid a Portuguese car. Ronn and Kevin's car rolled about five times. The bodywork was completely destroyed but incredibly they landed on their wheels and were able to drive off to safety. Fortunately they had race harnesses on and so escaped serious injury. All this happened in front of a service station with hundreds of spectators so they had plenty of witnesses!

Jan 4, 2007 I talked to Kevin a couple times in the last few days but just for a few minutes. He is doing well. They have gone through technical inspection and now all the vehicles are in impound. They have their drivers meeting tomorrow afternoon and then he says they will be getting a good nights rest before the start on Sat morning. I will update as I hear more from him.
Jan 2, 2007 Happy New Year to everyone following.... I will continue to update his website as I always have throughout the rally. The rally is scheduled to start on Sat Jan 6. Kevin and Ronn are currently in Lisbon preparing for the start.

You can follow the rally live and track Kevin's progress at www.dakar.com
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Kevin & Ronn's 2007 Standings

Departure > Arrival
Jan 6, 07 Lisboa > Portimão
464 km
Jan 7, 07 Portimão > Málaga
545 km
Jan 8, 07 Nador > Er Rachidia
648 km
Jan 9, 07 Er Rachidia > Ouarzazate
679 km
Jan 10, 07 Ouarzazate > Tan Tan
768 km
Jan 11, 07 Tan Tan > Zouérat
817 km
Jan 12, 07 Zouérat > Atâr
580 km
Jan 13, 07
Jan 14, 07 Atâr > Tichit
626 km
Jan 15, 07 Tichit > Nema
497 km
Jan 16, 07 Nema > Nema
400 km
Jan 17, 07 Nema > Ayoun
280 km
Jan 18, 07 Ayoun > Kayes
484 km
Jan 19, 07 Kayes > Tambacounda
458 km
Jan 20, 07 Tambacounda > Dakar
576 km
Jan 21, 07 Dakar > Dakar
93 km
7,915 km